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Article no: E10134000, Collection: Belle, Category: Belle

Belle Ear Cuff
2 835 EUR

Article no: E10134000, Collection: Belle, Category: Belle
Color / Material
All jewellery is made by hand in our own workshop, please allow around 10-15 working days for production. To find out if your jewellery is available in-store for immediate shipping, give us a call at + 46 8 670 90 20.
  • Description
    With its matte, round shape, Belle Earcuff is suitable for all occasions. An Earcuff is worn on the soft part of the ear and then placed as an extra ring in the ear. At the back is a high-gloss stop stamped with a small turtle, the symbol of a long and happy life. The stop makes your Earcuff sit comfortably at the back of the ear.
  • Jewellery care
    Take good care of your Sandberg Jewellery and it will love you back.
    Be careful with heavy wear. Do not wear jewellery at the gym or when gardening this
    applies especially to pieces that are set with stones.
    You can easily clean your jewellery in lukewarm water with a mild washing-up liquid
    using a toothbrush.
    Hand in your jewellery for a full general service once a year. Our goldsmiths will do a
    thorough cleaning, polishing and in some cases recommend repair.
    Please contact if you have any further