When we design wedding rings and engagement rings, the inspiration is often a classic model but where we give the shape a new twist – it is typical Sandberg design. Poppy is one of our most beloved rings. It has a low, semi-round rail that is comfortable to wear and a slightly cochy setting. You can get it in white gold, yellow gold or rosegold and with several different diamond sizes, from 0.25 carat to 0.50 carat. Choose whether you want the ring matte or shiny.

Poppy is suitable both for itself or with other low rings. It is very nice to combine with Soft eternity ring with crab grip or if you want a little more glitter choose Haga or a shiny Soft base ring. Also look at Randi for an exciting combination.

If something is to become really good, you have to do it yourself. We are stubborn about making all the rings in our own workshop, in 18 carat gold and always with recycled gold. You can expect it to take two to three weeks to complete your ring. Finally, the ring is stamped with a small turtle – the symbol of a Long and Happy Life.