With Belle as a wedding or engagement ring, you show that you have the attitude and humor, that you are happy to go your own way.

Belle was one of the first models we designed and the ring has become a classic with its playful design. That the stone hangs loose in its little bell is a finesse as it always captures the light from any angle and creates interest when it moves cool.

Choose Belle as a solitaire ring or as a multi-pendant eternity ring. A ring with several pendants is best enjoyed in the company of more rings – preferably Belle then of course.

When you have just chosen your ring, the payment goes to our workshop. There, a goldsmith forges your ring according to old handicraft traditions, with care and much love. We only use recycled gold. Once your ring is complete, polished, examined and approved, the goldsmith inserts a small turtle into the metal as a symbol of a Long and Happy Life.