The inspiration for Sandberg’s new collection of jewelry came from one of the summer’s beach finds. A piece of metal glistened in the sand at the water’s edge, and caught the eye of a beach comber. It was a metal ring from an old anchor, it was matted by the sand on one side but shone brightly on the other. It had weight but was felt soft and it sparkled in the sun.
So was born the idea of ​​a series of jewelry that appeals to many senses. The collection was named Sinne – Swedish for sences. You have to experience it yourself. The jewelry is beautifully soft against the skin and has a beautiful organic shape. The weight is generous. Sinne pleases all senses.
We do as Grandpa told us. If something is to become really good, you have to do it yourself. All jewelery is manufactured, with great care, in our own workshop. Swedish luxury in our own way.