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presenter smycken
presenter smycken


Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? Small gifts are often the ones that leave the biggest impression. Give a sparkling, durable gift handmade in Sweden with lots of love and precision. We will help you along the way – explore our gift guides and find the perfect gift for every unique occasion and person.

Sandberg Classics

Our Sandberg classics combine light, organic shapes with solid materials and Swedish craftsmanship. The hammered surface gives these pieces a playful, modern look. Each piece is made by hand in our own workshop in Sweden from 100% recycled gold and silver. When the jewelry is finished, we stamp it with a small turtle - the symbol of a long and happy life.

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry from Sandberg is the perfect gift for those looking for something modern and timeless. Each piece is handmade in Sweden from 100% recycled silver; a combination of unique design and Swedish craftsmanship to love and wear for life. Give a gift that lasts forever.

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Gold Jewelry

Our gold jewelry is a timeless and luxurious gift. Each piece is handmade in Sweden from recycled 18 karat gold, a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship, solid materials and smart design. Combine a necklace with a polished finish and a pendant with our hammered finish; all our jewelry is designed to be worn together. A piece of gold jewelry from Sandberg is a gift that can be worn for generations.

Sparkling Gemstones

Studying and experimenting with color has always been an important part of our design process. We strive to design and make jewelry that makes us and others happy. We are always on the lookout for the most unique and colorful natural gemstones. Discover our sparkling gemstone jewelry and find the perfect gift.

Exclusive Jewelry

Looking for that little extra? Here we have collected our most exclusive jewelry in 18k gold, sparkling diamonds and precious stones. Give a timeless, durable gift that lasts. We make each piece of jewelry by hand with love and precision. When the piece is finished, we stamp it with a small turtle - the symbol of a long and happy life.